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The Osavi brand was designed with the need to create a new brand for people interested in a healthy and active lifestyle but who are also conscious about the quality and sustainability of the ingredients and packaging they purchase. They produce food supplements that are prepared on the basis of carefully selected ingredients. When creating them, they pay attention to the optimal use of natural resources and follow the laws of the circular economy. This means that each of their products has a minimal environmental footprint.


To achieve this goal, they have adopted a rigorous sustainable development policy. They carefully select supplier and other business partners and verify whether they also obtain raw materials in a rational way, implement pro-ecological solutions and respect human work. They only work with entities that have received certificates of compliance with the highest standards.

The catalogue of their products is very diverse. They offer fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other supplements that support the proper functioning of the body. Each item in the OSAVI assortment undergoes a series of tests conducted both by them and recognised institutions. They only allow for sale preparations that are safe for health, which will supplement the deficiencies of nutrients.



They are fully convinced that nature does not need to be improved. At OSAVI, they focus on using nature's resources to produce helth-supporting supplements. These are not magic potions that are helpful in all situations. They select natural ingredients according to their properties and create thoughtful compositions that effectively meet the everyday needs of modern people.



You will not find artificial additives or flavours in their supplements. You get only what is effective and needed by your body. Being aware of the bigger picture helps them make every effort to act responsibly as a company and minimise their interference in the environment. From the beginning of the production stage, they make infromed decisions regarding the selection of suppliers, factories, ingredients and the implementation of procedures.

The selection of certified partners is especially important for them because OSAVI's priority is to ensure the safety of people consuming supplements. Sustainability is an equally important issue. For their products, they choose PET packaging, in which 30% of the material comes from sugar cane. Every day they research the quality and effectiveness of their products. 



The OSAVI range includes both food supplements, vitamins, minerals and other types of supplementary preparations. They are confident that their products in the best way help to supplement a balanced diet and deficiences of individual components in the body. The product recipes have been developed by pharmacists and nutritionists, and everything is composed in the right proportions - and most importantly - without unnecessary additives and fillers.