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Stacker2 Europe



Stacker2 Europe is one of Europe's Leading sports nutrition brands. Their product range consists of nutritional supplements that will help gym goers and athletes to maintain a lifestyle where you feel more active, slender, fit, muscular and healthy. Millions of people have achieved their personal goal with the help of Stacker2 Europe's products.



Their products are primarily sold in Europe, but they see a growing popularity outside of the EU, thanks to distribution to almost 50 countries. They want the best product, for an honest price. Whether you want to be more attractive or stronger: their slogan is that you should never settle for less. You train hard and take care of your diet and the supplements you take must truly offer added value. Supplements have to help you advance and bring you a step closer to your goals. They place the bar high. Every product they develop assures quality, effectiveness and reliability


Weight Loss

They are known throughout Europe with their powerful fat burners, also known as Stackers. Stackers are powders or capsules full of fat-burning and energizing plant extracts that increase your metabolism, and stimulates effective weight loss. Stackers are sold in sports nutrition stores, fitness centres, pharmacies and of course, in online shops.

Sports Nutrition

With more than 25 specialized supplements for athletes and bodybuilders, Stacker 2 Europe has become a renowned brand in this industry. The sports nutrition line consists of whey powders, protein bars, pre-workout boosters, creatine formulas, BCAA's, amino acids and other performance-enhancing supplements. Their sports nutrition products, recognisable in their characteristic colourful packaging, are especially popular because they combine quality with a very competitive consumer price. Stacker2 Europe can be considered as the brand with the best price/quality ratio in all of Europe and they're proud of that.

Health Products

Stacker2 Europe is developing several products within this segment. It often overlaps with sports nutrition, but non-athletes can also ebenfit greatly from the smart compositions of these health products. For example, a customized multivitamin supplemented by a phyto blend.