There mission is to create unique health-promoting formulations that turn this professionalism into natural ingredients. Vegnum believes in the health-promoting power of nature, but also makes sure that natural is clinically proven to be effective, guaranteed to contain the right active ingredients, of the right purity and form controlled sources.



How was the Vegnum brand born?

The story started before the Covid-19 epidemic. Even then, the question raised as to what general immune support product they could offer as "experts". Sometimes the phrase "multivitamin" was mentioned, and they were even more clueless.  

Of course, the basic requirement of 'be natural' was also often mentioned. After Covid came into our lives, these questions came flooding in on a daily basis, and they could not find the immune support products in the pharmacy that they really needed. 

After spending nearly a year researching the topic, they finally got the picture and were able to create the key idea themselves:

The world has changed around us. Our body natural defences are under more and stronger attack than ever before: constant and intense stress, toxins in polluted air, processed, unhealthy foods, just to mention a few. 

So shouldn't we also be putting immune support on a new footing? Once the answer was yes, the question was: 'How'?

  • First of all, by using a wide range of antioxidants extracted from fruit and vegetables to help our bodies fight off the harmful effects (free radicals) that attack them and return to their natural balance. 
  • Secondly, with a high-quality combination of minerals and "essential vitamins" that are essential for everyday life.
  • Last but not least, a special high dose of plant-derived and micro-encapsulated vitamin D in the form of highly absorbable vitamin D3. 

Vegnum's first products are all about a rethink of immun support that goes back to nature. But with its patented fruit and vegetable extracts, including "superfoods" from 18 different countries, Vegnum is already taking a step towards healthy eating.