Their mission is to create health-promoting formulations that turn this professionalism into natural ingredients. Nottevit believes in the health-promoting power of nature, but also ensures that natural must be clinically proven to be effective, with guaranteed active ingredients, of the right purity and from controlled sources.


How was the Nottevit brand born?

The idea was inspired by their own experiences and needs, as well as those of their family and friends with sleep and night-time regeneration.

Through many conversations and researches, it became clear to them that they could hardly find anyone in their own environment whose life was not affected by constant stress and its impact on sleep, not to mention the exhausting days after sleepless nights.

They were acutely aware that poor quality sleep has a negative impact on physical and mental performance, mood and, over time, on human relationships, even in the short term. All Nottevit products naturally, and without habituation, relieve stress and promote restful sleep, while supporting our body's nightly maintenance process in a targeted area.

The real insight, however, came when scientific rigour began to be applied to gathering information on the long-term effects of poor quality sleep.

What does poor sleep do the skin, metabolism and circulation? How does it affect the immune system, the psyche and memory? 

By analysing the answers and results, the picture finally came together! Our body does most of its maintenance and regeneration work on us at night - if we let it, of course, because we sleep well. Moreover, this maintenance is needed every night!

This led to another realisation: how is it that so much is happening to our bodies while we sleep,  and yet we don't talk about it any more?

And above all: why are we not specifically helping our bodies to regenerate as efficiently as possible during these 7-9 hours a day?

What are people missing? There are natural stress relievers and sleep aids, but there are no products that support our body's nightly maintenance processes in addition to stress relief and sleep aids! 

That's how Nottevit was born, a unique range of dual-action night-time stress relief and sleep aid brand. Each Nottevit product naturally and habit-free relieves stress and promotes restful sleep, while supporting our body's nightly maintenance processes in a targeted area.

Nottevit works at night while you sleep. But if you take it regularly, you will feel its positive effects not only night, but all day long!