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BioTechUSA is one of Europe's fastest growing dietary supplement compaines, and although many people don't know it, the people behind its success are Hungarian. Founded in 1991, the company has grown into a truly international group and is steadily expanding to carve out an ever larger slice of the market. 



The story

The 1990s start-up reached a new level in 1999, when the Hungarian company acquired the US company BioTechUSA and started using the brand name. The mid-2000s saw the arrival of the new concept and the first stores of the now well-known chain. 

To serve this growth, a new logistics centre in HUngary was built in 2007, and in 2014, the founder's sons took over the management of the company. Bálint and Balázs Lévai brought a youthful zest to the management and expolded the brand's recognition. The new corporate governance system was followed by the development of additional certification laboratories, a renewed product range and design. Later that year, a new production facility was built in Hungary to meet increased demand.

The following year, BioTech unveiled its new franchise system and brand stores were opened across the country. The Iso Whey Zero range began its abroad, where it has been a huge success. The following year, the Zero Bar protein bar was launched and the company was ranked in the top 5 European dietary supplement manufacturers. 

In the years that followed, new products were launched, including the Zero Shake range, and in 2019 the entire range was given a brand new look. The new look further enhances BioTechUSA's well-known elements and makes it stand out from the rest of the field.


Supply and sponsorship

The BioTechUSA line of supplements is available in over 800 varietes, including protein powders, amino acid formulatinos, energy bars and vitamin supplements. The different versions are also available in sugar-free, gluten-free and lactose-fee versions.

All BioTechUSA products are compliant with the European Food Safety Authority and do not contain doping agents and other prohibited substances. These products are manufactured in the company's 36,000 square metre factory in Hungary, making the company a true Hungarian success story that stands up to international competition. 

The company sponsors a number of professional and amateur competitors who are brought together by Team BioTechUSA. The aim of the initiative is to show that the company's products can be used in all sports and that BioTechUSA supplements offer the opportunity to play healthy sports. 

The Team BioTechUSA includes athletes such as fitness expert Ulisses Jr, IFBB Bikini Pro World Champion Kiss Virág, bikini fitness modell Stephanie David, fitness modell Diego Sechi and other Hungarian and international sportsmen. 

Of course, clever marketing alone woould not be enough for success, BioTechUSA has been following the same principles since its inception. It provides tasty and healthy supplements to athletes who can become more and more successful in their careers without having to resort to illegal substances.