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Nutrend is one of Europe's longest-established and still leading manufacturers, thanks to the quality of its products, which is constantly monitored and the persistent improvements made over the past decades. 



Nutrend has made great progress in the field of heavy and light athletics by using the experience of 20 years of world-class athletes and their teams (doctors, dieticians) and by continuously analysing their results to develop a premium range of products. It can therefore be of great help to everyone, from elite athletes to those who lead an active lifestyle! Nutrend works in close collaboration with several Olympic and Paralympic Committees, so the products are guaranteed free of harmful substanced and doping of any kind.

The Nutrend brand is backed by one of Europe's largest nutritional supplement factories and its continuous research and development efforts ensure that the serious background and production volumes mean that PREMIUM CATHEGORY PRODUCTS of controlled quality, absolutely free of doping, are available at affordable price to anyone who wants to spot-train for health or even train at elite athletic level - in 30 countries across Europe!

The philosophy of the Nutrend brand is to bring to ordinary people the professionalism and quality that until now has only been the privilege of elite athletes!